Friday, June 17, 2011

Gearing Up for the EAA AirAdventure 2011

Only forty days until the big show at Oshkosh. This will be my first time to attend but has always been a dream of mine to go. I am already getting excited about the aircraft that will be there this year and am following the announcements of events and aircraft the will be either on static display or flying that week.
I will be going with my friend Andy Batts of Murray and we will drive up and camp for the week on the grounds. We plan to leave on Saturday, July 23 and return on Saturday, July 29. It will be a long drive in a pickup truck loaded with a tent and all our camping gear but well worth it. It is around 600 miles which we plan to drive in one day. Our plans are to leave around 6:00 AM and get there in time to get our camp site set up before dark. The actual events do not really begin until Monday but I am sure there will be lots to see and do on Sunday.
It was announced today that the new Boeing Dreamliner will be on display and open for tours. That will be an awesome sight and opportunity for aircraft buffs. Details can be seen at:
More to follow as the date approaches.

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